Translated information about the plot and the characters, here

I want Ryan’s personality shown on the trailer is just his stage act and there’s much more to him, it would be great if he was a good dependable partner and not get turned into an evil character as a plot device. I think that would give T&B a chance to re-evaluate their partnership and trough conflict maybe finally reach understanding and real trust. 
Barnaby has been always fighting and living for somebody else’s sake or interests and  as Morita said, we will see how big pressure he goes trough and how big his responsibilities really areas a hero, as partner and as a person as well. I wished Kotetsu to try overcoming his dangerous habit of lying to his loved ones and thinking of himself as disposable, and of course getting back all his fighting spirit I the middle of the Sternbild crisis. 
I can’t wait for the movie!