"To Barnaby with love"
Story: Emery
Art: emptycicada
This is a little comic made in collaboration with my lovely Emery. 
You can read her cute and amazing story here

Both Barnaby and I are slowly becoming oyaji *laughs*
On a personal note, for me it was really important being able to draw this. not only because of having an awesome person who collaborated with me (Thank you! <33) but also because i haven’t drawn comics in a long time ad, well, that’s what I want to do the most, but real life always cockblocks me. So for such an special date, I decided to man the fuck up and try to pull out this in one night. And I think it looks pretty good, so I’m proud of what I could do even with a very short amount of time, comparing with last year comic that made me cry blood.
Well, enough rambling. 
We love Bunny-chan ad that’s why we made this effort. That pretty, sassy, grumpy, beautiful boy<33


(Source: pixiv.net)